What's Next?


Why Study Japanese?

"I want to study nihongo not only because I want to work in japan as a caregiver, but also because I want to explore the rich and unique japanese traditions,by learning Nihongo I can immerse with japanese ppeople with sincerity and for that we can share to different beautiful creatures."

Carandang, Rogelyn. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

"The reason that’s why I studied nihongo because I want to go to japan for work.. And language knowledge is important to be able to talk to my superior co workers and specially to be able to talk to my patient.

Candado, Cheriz. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

"I study japanese to have an ability to communicate and understand their culture. Learning a second language like japanese language can create more job opportunities. You can use the language skills for getting a better job."

Mayores, Jasmine. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

What’s next for YSNLC?

Raising Awareness of Fresh Graduates

As Japan opens its doors to more and more foreign workers, it provides job opportunities for Filipinos who want to work in Japan. This opportunity is noteworthy, especially for the young Filipino adults graduating freshly out of BS Nursing courses who are looking for work as a care worker. Fresh graduates from BS Nursing looking to work full time in the Philippines are looking at a salary range between P8,000-P12,000 in their first jobs in hospitals, clinics, or private homes. It is rare to find jobs even paying as much as P15,000 as a Nurse.

This Novermber 2017, Japan is opening its doors to foreigners who want to work in Japan as a caregiver. With the aging population of Japan and its depleted work force, Japan is demanding for as much as 1 million caregivers to work in caregiver homes and facilities. This is the perfect opportunity for fresh graduates looking for fulfilling work in the health care industry while earning a generous income. It is reported that full-time caregivers in Japan are paid a minimum of ¥125,000, roughly P56,000, and as high as ¥185,000, roughly P83,000. The income for Nurses in the Philippines pales in comparison to caregivers in Japan. The opportunity for BS Nursing graduates to use their knowledge as a caregiver in Japan is ever present. All they need to do is to learn Japanese and apply. 


YSNLC is aiming to partner with universities that offer BS Nursing to raise awareness in fresh graduates of this opportunity and to provide the necessary Japanese education to be able to apply for work as a caregiver in Japan. 

Expansion in the Philippines


Language is the key to the successful partnership between Japan and the Philippines. The Philippines and Japan have had a fruitful relationship over the years, economically and socially. This relationship continues to grow because more and more Filipinos are beginning to learn Japanese. It is evident by the dramatic increase in the number of Filipinos entering Japan for work and the increase in Japanese businesses opening branches and factories in the Philippines. Tourism has also been lively in both countries as the number of Japanese tourists visiting the Philippines and the number of Filipinos touring Japan have noticeably increased over the past few years. The closer they become, the more opportunities there are for Filipinos to converse in Japanese, whether for leisure or for work. 


We believe that language is important to the overall success of our students whether in the Philippines or in Japan. Most of our students study Japanese with the hopes of using it in Japan for work or for applying in Japanese companies here. With the volume of students applying for courses at YSNLC, we see the need to expand by building branches all over the Philippines. We hope that in teaching the Japanese to Filipinos, they may become more successful in their field of work and be a part of the successful partnership between Japan and the Philippines. 


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