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Why Study Japanese?

"I studied Japanese because I want to learn more about their culture, and it is my stepping stone to go in Japan, and it will be an opportunity for me as a caregiver to work in their country."

Maximo, Angelita. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

"I was once was told that Japan is “The Land of the Rising Sun.” These are the word that makes me wonder on how to attain a stable job in Japan. I decide to take the challenge to start learning Japanese. As a mother of two kids, most of my classmates here would have the same thoughts of reason why we are here in YSNLC and that is to gain more knowledge and to pass the JLPT exam. Learning Japanese is not only learning how to know their language but learning Japanese has a lot of values too which we can adopt to our daily lives.

Bagnes, Mary Grace. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

Enrollment Process

Reservation Period

- Each course has a reservation period wherein students are encouraged to reserve a slot    for the course that they would like to enroll in. 

- Students who researve a slot during the reservation period are entitled to the following:

     - Priority status for choosing available time slots for the course.

     - Priority status for students who have indicated that they will require housing.

     - A discount, depending on the course.

Enrollment Period

- Come to our school during the enrollment period. Each course has an enrollment period wherein students must follow the 3 easy steps to enroll in a course;

1. Fill up the enrollment form

     - Enrollment forms are available at the front desk.

     - Indicate if you are in need of board & lodging.

2. Submit all necessary documents

     - Enrollment Form

     - Valid Govenment ID w/ picture

     - Others (if necessary)

3. Payment

     - Students must provide a down payment of 50% before the beginning of the class.            The remaining payment must be settled within the next payment period(s).

     - Students who provide the full payment for a course prior to the beginning of the              class is entitled to a discount.

After payment, students are automatically enrolled in their desired course. 


Once enrollled, students will given their textbooks and other school materials and will await the first day of classes. 

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