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Mission & Vision


Why Study Japanese?

"I study Japanese because I want to work in Japan. It is the way that I can communicate with Japanese people and build a good communication with them. This is my dream and I will treasure this to achieve my goal."

Vidad, Jeneca. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

Our Mission & Vision​

To Provide Quality Japanese Education 

YSNLC aims to provide quality Japanese education to its students by giving the proper support and educational environment to help them learn and thrive on their own. Our teachers pay close attention to the learning curves of each student so that we may innovate our teaching methods and effectively teach Japanese the right way. We make sure to continuously improve our curriculum to ensure that our teachers are equipped with creative and dynamic teaching techniques which benefits our students immensely.


We equip our students with the Japanese language and cultural knowledge to the best of our abilities to make sure that our students are prepared to use their newfound skill in applying for jobs in Japan, working locally in Japanese companies, or in conversing with people in Japanese. Graduates of our JLPT Preparatory Courses can expect to be well prepared for the JLPT exams which occurs only twice a year. 

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