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About Us


Why Study Japanese?

"I studied Japanese language because I want to learn and understand the language and culture of Japanese people. And if I have the opportunity to work in Japan, it will be a great advantage for me because I will be able to communicate with them very well. In addition to that, I can watch any Japanese movies and dramas without reading the subtitles."

Badion, Rubilyn. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

"I studied Japanese language for me to able to understand Japanese people and I might be able to use it effectively especially at work in Japan."

Caluyo, Claire. N4 Integrated Course Graduate.

Our School





Y. Suzuki Nihongo Learning Center, or YSNLC, was first established on May 26, 2014 by its founder, Yosuke Suzuki, with the purpose of providing quality Japanese education to its students wish to work and thrive in a Japanese working environment. Philippines is entering a new era of closeness between itself and Japan, socially and economically. In this new era, learning Japanese provides a distinct advantage over non-speakers in finding jobs, earning promotions and receiving a higher salary. 


In 2017, over 200 businesses from Japan have been reported to open office branches and factories in the Philippines. This will provide new job opportunities for Filipinos locally in a Japanese company. We believe that learning Japanese will increase your opportunity in working for one of these companies.


Japan has opened its doors to aspiring OFWs as businesses are becoming dependent on foreign workers due to its declining work force and aging population. Many job opportunities in Japan are now available to Filipinos or will become available soon. As a requirement in applying for these jobs, applicants may be required to have learnt Japanese or to pass the Japan Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT. YSNLC intends to prepare its students to pass these required exams and to guide them into their futures.

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