1st Batch - N4 Integrated Course
1st Batch - N4 Integrated Course

OFW's studying Japanese for Japan

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Our School

Y. Suzuki Nihongo Learning Center, or YSNLC, was first established on May 26, 2014 by its founder, Yosuke Suzuki, with the purpose of providing quality Japanese education to its students wish to work and thrive in a Japanese working environment. Philippines is entering a new era of closeness between itself and Japan, socially and economically. In this new era, learning Japanese provides a distinct advantage over non-speakers in finding jobs, earning promotions and receiving a higher salary[...]


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YSNLC is looking to hire college students in the area for part-time positions. Apply now!

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YSNLC is offering free Japanese lessons for beginners who are interested in learning Nihongo. Learn more a

bout Japan and challenge yourself to take the Japanese proficiency tests.

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Mission & Vision

To Provide Quality Japanese Education 

YSNLC aims to provide quality Japanese education to its students by giving the proper support and educational environment to help them learn and thrive on their own...Graduates of our JLPT Preparatory Courses can expect to be well prepared for the JLPT exams which occurs only twice a year[...] 


Scholarship Program by YS Online


Raising Awareness of Fresh Graduates

As Japan opens its doors to more and more foreign workers, it provides job opportunities for Filipinos who want to work in Japan. This opportunity is noteworthy, especially for the young Filipino adults graduating freshly out of BS Nursing courses who are looking for work as a care worker. Fresh graduates from BS Nursing looking to work full time in the Philippines are looking at a salary range between P8,000-P12,000 in their first jobs in hospitals, clinics, or private homes. It is rare to find jobs even paying as much as P15,000 as a Nurse...YSNLC is aiming to partner with universities that offer BS Nursing to raise awareness in fresh graduates of this opportunity and to provide the necessary Japanese education to be able to apply for work as a caregiver in Japan. 


Expansion in the Philippines


...We believe that language is important to the overall success of our students whether in the Philippines or in Japan. Most of our students study Japanese with the hopes of using it in Japan for work or for applying in Japanese companies here. With the volume of students applying for courses at YSNLC, we see the need to expand by building branches all over the Philippines. We hope that in teaching the Japanese to Filipinos, they may become more successful in their field of work and be a part of the successful partnership between Japan and the Philippines.